In FPS brawler Sky Noon, the west is wild thanks to grappling hooks and jetpacks

The Wild West is looking as wild as ever thanks to Sky Noon, a first-person multiplayer brawler from developer Lunar Rooster and Reverb Triple XP. Set to enter Steam Early Access later this year, Sky Noon will pit 2-8 players against each other in a floating arena. Check out the announcement trailer above.

As you can see, you won't be filling anybody full of lead with a six-shooter or Winchester rifle: in fact, there aren't even health meters in Sky Noon, according to the press release. The idea is to use compressed air weapons and other abilities to knock the other cowboys out of the arena and into the depths below.

"Grappling hooks and lassos must constantly be used to prevent players from falling off into the great blue sky. Combined with other items like steam-powered jetpacks, jump pads, and teleporters, cowboys need to be quick on the draw and light on their boots in the fast-paced, aerial mayhem of Sky Noon."

According to its store page on Steam, Sky Noon will include character customization and progression, multiple game modes, a singleplayer time-trial mode, and online stat tracking. Sky Noon is set to enter Early Access in "Q2 2018." In the meantime, have a look at some screenshots below.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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