Age of Wonders III trailer shows rogues and their bearded dwarven succubi

At heart a two-faced schemer, Age of Wonders III's rogue leader class seems to attract the best kind of people. Demons, thieves, and killers are some of the resources on hand for players walking a darker path in Triumph Studios' upcoming turn-based strategy game. We get a glimpse of some of the rogue's more underhanded tactics in a new trailer introducing the class.

Even as many of its systems appear to rest comfortably in the realm of turn-based strategy gaming, Age of Wonders III also wants to let players inhabit a specific, RPG-themed leader class. There are six of them , running the gamut from the pious-sounding theocrat to the tech-savvy dreadnought . It's a useful way to structure and vary the game experience, but it could also give players a chance to add a more personal touch to their conquests. The rogue class, for instance, looks like an especially devious role to inhabit.

"Rogue units include a motley crew of scoundrels, assassins, bards, and succubi, which are produced at the cities of the main races," reports the developer in the trailer below. "So draconian succubi have scales and dwarven succubi have beards. Rogues can also summon sinister creatures like the shadow stalker, the ultimate stealth assassin."

Based on the trailer, seduction should be an effective—and stealthy—power play in Age of Wonders III. Apart from the bearded sex demons, rogues can also recruit courtesan ambassadors to infiltrate and influence neighboring kingdoms. We'll have to wait just a bit longer, however, to see how well this sort of skulduggery can play out in the game. It saw a delay in development last year that is supposed to see it launch in the first quarter of 2014.

Hat tip, PCGamesN .