GDC 2013: Age of Wonders III footage shows holy warriors, dragons with bad gas

Age of Wonders III dragon

Oof, that's dangerously close to a fart joke in the headline. In my defence, it's accurate - this no-nonsense GDC demo of Age of Wonders III pre-alpha footage does feature an in-depth attack on a bone dragon that spews knight-bothering clouds of toxic gas. We also get to see an already impressive degree of spells and battle tactics from a game so early in development, along with a taste of the potential options in the overworld.

It's a strong start from the re-imagined turn-based strategy sequel, no doubt helped along by the investment from the Bank of Notch. Age of Wonders III is due out later this year. You can see the previous announcement trailer here , or read up on Triumph Studios' plans at the game's website .

Phil Savage

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