How to open the barred doors in Tonnastadir in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

AC Valhalla Tonnastadir barred house
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Are you trying find a way into the AC Valhalla Tonnastadir house? As you make your way through the stunning world of 9th century England, you may well have stumbled across the Tonnastadir outpost. And as with pretty much everything in Valhalla, it's worth checking out to see if you can find some valuable loot to help you on your journey.

Tonnastadir offers several valuable items, including the Huntsman's Helm and a Book of Knowledge, both hidden behind a locked door. And if you've been poking around the area, you may have already noticed several AC Valhalla Tonnastadir barred doors, and a seemingly inaccessible house. So how do you access the goodies hidden behind them?

AC Valhalla Tonnastadir house: How to open the Tonnastadir barred door

You'll have seen many barred doors in Valhalla by this point and you normally open them by destroying the brackets that brace the horizontal plank. Up until now, you've likely done this by finding a way in via the roof and making short work of the barricade with your axe. But in Tonnastadir, there is no other way into the barred house so you'll need to rely on a strong bow and a steady aim.

To access the barred house in Tonnastadir, you'll need to line up your bow with the cracks of the latticed windows and attempt to hit the brackets on the inside of the door at the opposite end of the building. It's not an easy shot and will take a bit of shuffling around, but activating Odin's Sight should help pick out the brackets you need to destroy.

With one of the doors unbarred, you can now enter the building and claim your loot. Don't forget to break through the planks on the floor to locate some extra goodies beneath.

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How to find the AC Valhalla Tonnastadir key

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Finding the key to access the Huntsman's Helm and a Book of Knowledge in Tonnastadir is fairly straightforward. The key itself is located inside the longhouse in the middle of the encampment—that's the biggest building you can see. 

No fancy climbing is needed here, though if you want to be extra careful, you can drop in from the roof. Otherwise, you can simply walk in and pick it up. That said, you should be aware that there are guards about, so you should be cautious if you take the direct approach.

Once you've grabbed the key, head to the area of the encampment with the large statue. The locked door leads into a cave but there are a couple of guards nearby. If you're patient, you can wait on the wooden platform directly to the right of the door and assassinate one of the guards from above when he gets close.

Unlock the door and follow the cave all the way to the bottom to find a chest containing the Huntsman's Helm. To obtain the Book of Knowledge, look around for a narrow opening in the wall and squeeze through to find the book on a pedestal.

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