A Way Out sells one million copies within three weeks—more than EA thought it would sell in its liftetime

A Way Out is not a particularly good game, but its goofy co-op story about two soon-to-be escaped prisoners has proved a hit with players. Developer Hazelight Studios announced yesterday that the game has sold more than one million copies since it released in late March. Given that only one of your co-op duo has to own the game in order for you to play, its total player count is probably even higher than that.

It's done far better than publisher EA thought it would, according to a marketing plan for the game that was leaked last year. In that plan, EA predicted the game would sell 203,000 copies in its first week, and would go on to sell 894,000 total. It's good to see a narrative-driven game smash a publisher's expectations.

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Chris didn't think much of it in his review, calling the game a "boneheaded B-movie" with rudimentary gameplay and messy controls, but he did say that it was "hard to dislike", with a few genuinely creative moments and plenty of humour, much of it inadvertent. Read his full thoughts here.

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Samuel Horti

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