A bunch of Logitech gaming peripherals are on sale at Amazon today

Amazon is having a sale on several of Logitech's peripherals and accessories, many of which are geared for gaming. Depending on the item, you can save 50 percent or more over the list price.

Gaming headsets feature most prominently among the sale items, with discounts on on models such as the wired G633 Artemis Spectrum and wireless G933 Artemis Spectrum. However, there are also deals on keyboards, webcams, and mice.

One of the biggest discounts applies to a gaming bundle that combines a keyboard, mouse, and headset.


Logitech G Gear Up Gaming Bundle | $79.99 ($120 off)
If you're in need of a keyboard, mouse, and headset, this bundle offers all three for a discounted price—it's marked down 60 percent over the list price. The bundle includes a G203 mouse with an 8,000 dpi sensor, G213 Prodigy keyboard, and G230 stereo headset. Buy at Amazon

If you're only interested in a headset, there are a few different options, all of which are at or below $100.

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum - Black | Wireless | $99.99 ($100 off)Buy at Amazon

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum - Black | Wireless | $99.99 ($100 off)
Every so often, this headset dips to $99.99, half off its list price. Now is one of those times. It's a wireless headset with 7.1-channel Dolby, Headphone:X support, and RGB lighting. Buy at Amazon


Logitech G933 Artemis Spectreum - White | Wireless |$99.99 ($100 off)
The same model headset, but in white instead of black. Everything else is the same—RGB lighting, 7.1-channel Dolby, Headphone:X support, and so forth. Buy at Amazon


Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum | Wired | $69.99 ($80 off)
The G633 is very similar to the G933, except that it's wired instead of wireless. Both feature 40mm Pro-G drivers and should sound the same. You can connect the G633 via either USB or 3.5mm. Buy at Amazon


Logitech G433 | 7.1 Surround | Wired | $49.99 ($50 off)
This bright red headset has Pro-G audio drivers, a detachable boom mic with an integrated pop filter, and a hydrophobic fabric shell. Only the red color is on sale. Buy at Amazon

Amazon is also selling several of Logitech's keyboards and other peripherals at a discount. Most of them are productivity planks, but not all.


Logitech G910 Orion Spark | Mechanical | $87.49 ($92.50 off)
This is one of Logitech's first keyboards to use Roger-G mechanical key switches, which are similar to Cherry MX Browns. It also features nine programmable gaming keys, dedicated media controls, and RGB lighting. Buy at Amazon

There are a few other Logitech items on sale, including a couple of webcams. Follow this link to browse them all.

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