TF2 Mixup 5

Team Fortress 2 Mixup 5 celebrity match videos released in full

Omri Petitte at

TF2 Mixup continues to supply opportunities to watch Important Internet People shoot each other in Team Fortress 2. For charity! The fifth event's roster included StarCraft 2 guru Day[9], TF2 creator Robin Walker, YouTube star Tay "Chocolate Rain" Zonday, and our very own Evan Lahti.

We've got footage from all three matches inside. Watch Evan exploding into smithereens on the Upward, Viaduct, and Lakeside maps.

Team Fortress 2 charity tournament roster announced: Day[9], Valve, Notch, and more

Evan Lahti at

The good people at TF2 Mixup (actually a collaboration between Gamers United, Vanilla TF2, eXtv, and Kritzkast) are gathering another League of Extraordinary Internet People to fight for the benefit of children in Team Fortress 2. Announced today, the line-up includes StarCraft 2 emissary Day[9], TF2 creator Robin Walker, YouTuber Freddie Wong, Notch, Counter-Strike pro cArn, and me, apparently.