Team Fortress 2 Beta


Team Fortress 2 Beta update gives players multiple character loadout presets

Tim Edwards at

An update has just been applied to the Team Fortress 2 beta on Steam that paves the way for multiple loadouts for each class, a great quality of life change for TF2 players. It also allows multiple misc slots, allowing you to carry more than one cosmetic item, and various balance changes. The full patchnotes are below.

Team Fortress 2 launches public beta

Tom Senior at

Valve's department of mad scientists have decided that they need more guinea pigs on which to test their insane schemes, and have decided to launch a Team Fortress 2 public beta. The beta will play host to massive game changing experiments and will let Valve test out new tech without breaking Team Fortress 2 proper. Read on for details on the first round of changes in the beta, and details on how to sign up.