New gaming handheld alert: Asus will stream info about 'the next ROG Ally' tomorrow

Back in January we reported that Asus was planning a new model of the ROG Ally gaming handheld for 2024, and the time appears to be nigh. Or nighly nigh, because according to an announcement in the ROG Discord server, "the next ROG Ally is coming," and ROG's community folks will be "getting hyped" about the new hardware in a livestream on May 9. You'll be able to watch the stream in the video above when it premieres at 12 pm Pacific time.

The announcement stops short of saying if the new hardware will actually be shown, so it might be a lot of talking around the details of an upcoming unveiling.

Will this be a full ROG Ally 2 reveal, or more of a hardware refresh like the Steam Deck OLED? Leaks have indicated that a refreshed model with more or less the same hardware but with a fixed SD card slot, and perhaps a bigger battery, will be part of Asus's Computex 2024 lineup. On June 3 Asus is putting on a hardware launch event (which is, of course, AI-focused) as part of the Taiwanese trade show, so we should be getting a good look at the new model then, if not sooner.

Assuming the leak is accurate, then, we may be waiting a little longer for the proper Ally 2. It would sure make a lot of sense for Asus to wait until AMD's new Strix Halo APU is ready to roll out, as its monster of a GPU seems primed to give gaming handhelds a major performance boost.

Wes Fenlon
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