Scream Fortress 2

Valve seeks spooky submissions for Scream Fortress 2 Halloween event

Omri Petitte at

Halloween is one of the few events I forgive for being teased obnoxiously early by halfhearted grocery store decorations and late-night Elvira beer commercials. Similarly, you've probably noticed Team Fortress 2's Steam Workshop page populating with Halloween-themed items already. Valve extended an official call-out yesterday for entries and ratings to the shambling Scream Fortress 2 update.

Team Fortress 2 Halloween update incoming, modders launch Night of the Living Update

Tom Senior at

The Team Fortress 2 Halloween Update is fast approaching, the first since it went free to play earlier this year. To prepare new players for the sheer terror of the annual TF2 event, Valve are recommending that players return to the Mann Manor map to battle last year's boss monster, the Horseless Headless Horseman. They also indicate that the TF2 modding community has started their own unofficial Halloween event, a week long Night of the Living Update.