Project Godus

Curiosity unboxed, winner to become the god of Godus

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After just over six months of collected Android and iOS owners inexplicably tapping at a giant cube, 22 Cans have finally revealed what's inside the box. Turns out Curiosity hadn't caught a quantum cat, or Gwyneth Paltrow's decapitated head, or any other unlikely guess. Instead, it held a mini-Molyneux, with a message to the winner about their ultimate prize. And unlike Curiosity itself, that prize will have an impact on PC gamers - at least, it will for those backers of 22 Cans' upcoming Godus.

Only 50 layers left on Molyneux's Curiosity cube, dead clown inside starting to smell

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It's taken a few months, but we're finally nearing the end of Peter Molyneux's grand experiment - only 50 layers remain on the giant onion that is Curiosity - What's Inside the Cube? Like a big game of Pass the Parcel (but without any sweets - shame on you Molyneux), players/lab rats have clicked their way through nearly 300 layers since the app launched last November, leaving just 50 to get through until Peter Molyneux himself jumps out in a sexy outfit at the end. Alternative, less terrifying potential contents include: a miniature black hole, a really big Graze box, lots and lots of money. We just don't know - but at the current rate of unwrapping we will on the 21st of May, which is coincidentally the day Microsoft is set to show off its latest console.

GODUS prototype video released as the Kickstarter reaches its final days

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I'm thinking about becoming a Kickstarter anthropologist. The life-cycle of campaigns is kind of fascinating, especially for projects that aren't a runaway successe. Will the story of Project GODUS, for instance, be of the triumph of the enthusiastic yet controversial Peter Molyneux, or will it end up a warning about the danger of breeding cynicism in the community by over promising cheques that your programmers can't cash.

Whichever way it falls, it's going to be close. There are three days left and the game will need to raise just over £85,000 to be funded. Naturally, GODUS is now in full on attention seeking mode, and has released a Prototype video showing how it's progressing.

Peter Molyneux on GODUS: Co-op, Kickstarter, and being "a god with unbelievable prowess"

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"I want to give them the feeling that they are a god with unbelievable prowess," says an emphatic Peter Molyneux. "Some of these powers are going to be incredibly powerful and tactile while others are going to be incredibly creative and gentle.

"I want it to feel like it's your hand—the hand that's on the mouse or the touchscreen—that's touching this tactile and reactive world, and making you an avatar in the world is something that can demote that."

Project GODUS footage released, hundreds of tiny men die

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The latest Project GODUS Kickstarter update video contains a "world-first sneak peek" at the spiritual successor to Populous. Peek is correct, too - we see a short bit of prototype game footage, captured via the high-tech process of pointing a camcorder at a laptop. Seriously, someone get these guys a copy of Fraps.

Molyneux talks Kickstarter backlash, Marmite comparisons

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Industry veteran Peter Molyneux has been talking to about the public reaction to his studio's Kickstarter to fund Project GODUS, a Populous-like god game. It's the sort of project that's now common on Kickstarter - a creator returning to the genre that saw arguably their greatest creative success, leveraging their fame to pursue a game that would struggle to capture the attention of publishers.

GODUS Kickstarter launched by Peter Molyneux studio 22cans, a spiritual successor to Populous

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UK developer 22cans, an independent studio founded by Peter Molyneux in March, wants to create a spiritual successor to Populous. Project GODUS is "an innovative reinvention of Populous," the game's Kickstarter page describes.