On The Level: Facing Worlds, Unreal Tournament

Andy Kelly at

Every week Andy celebrates a great map, level, or location from a classic PC game in On The Level. This week it’s legendary Unreal Tournament map Facing Worlds.

Under the name Inoxx, former Epic developer Cedric Fiorentino designed some of the best multiplayer maps in the Unreal series. His most famous creation is Facing Worlds, a CTF map set on a spinning asteroid that anyone who played the original Unreal Tournament in 1999 will have fond memories of. I’m listening to Foregone Destruction by composer Michiel Van Den Bos as I type this—the map’s soundtrack—and getting hazy flashbacks to playing UT on my 56k modem, spamming the “My house!” taunt and launching Redeemer missiles at the opposing team’s tower.