Manor Lords release date and launch times: here's when the medieval city building gates open

Manor Lords families - A town from above
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Even in a month stuffed with city builders to choose from, Manor Lords has pulled ahead of the pack as the most wishlisted game on Steam just ahead of its launch. For all those eager to roll up their sleeves for some medieval management, the Manor Lords release times are coming up fast. 

Ahead of its early access launch, Manor Lords' developer Slavic Magic has reminded players that no, it's not really a Total War competitor, nor is it fast-paced like Age of Empires or Mount & Blade. This is a slow-paced strategy affair, "a city builder with battles," as it says, and an experimental third-person mode for walking about your city in the boots of your ruler.

When is the Manor Lords release time? 

(Image credit: Slavic Magic)

Manor Lords has a global release time on Friday, April 26 at 6 am Pacific. Here's how that breaks down in other timezones around the world: 

  • 6 am, April 26 PDT (Los Angeles)
  • 9 am EDT (New York)
  • 2 pm BST (London)
  • 3 pm CEST (Berlin)
  • 11 pm AET (Sydney)
  • 1 am, April 27 NZST (Auckland)

We've been having our own adventures in Manor Lords just ahead of launch, finding out the hard way that using cheesy city builder strats won't always work, for instance. When you get your own chance to put down roots, don't ignore those Burgage Plot additions for your houses, by the by.

Manor Lords will be launching into early access, the work of solo developer Greg "Slavic Magic" Styczeń. It's expected to stay in early access "around a year," Slavic Magic says, though those timelines do tend to get longer, not shorter, with early access games that are quite popular at launch. 

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