Elden Ring's uber boss Malenia says she has 'never known defeat', but your bank account sure will if you buy this 1:1 scale replica of her blade arm

Elden Ring Arm of Malenia replica prosthetic
(Image credit: Pure Arts)

Elden Ring hype at PCG has exploded as of late thanks to the dramatic Shadow of the Erdtree reveal, with multiple team members jumping back into the dark action-RPG masterpiece in preparation to once more do deadly battle with fearsome beasts and bosses.

Of all of Elden Ring's bosses, big bad demigod uber boss Malenia is arguably the most feared by Elden Ring players (OK, basically everyone but the legendary Let Me Solo Her), with the One-Armed Valkyrie and Goddess of Rot boasting she has 'never known defeat'. The result of finally besting Malenia, therefore, is very memorable and a real achievement.

And, what better way to commemorate handing a defeat to Malenia than to also hand defeat to your own bank account by buying this 1:1 scale replica of the demigod's arm? For $389, the Arm of Malenia offers up a polyresin replica reproduction of the appendage, as well as a display stand upon which to show-off your trophy. You can check it out below.

I've got to say it does look pretty darn cool. There is loads of intricate detailing on display, a realistic-looking gold-bronze finish, and some basic articulation in the joints, too. If I had this arm I'm quite sure I'd have it hold something stupid, like a beer, or something a touch more practical for PC gaming, like a gaming headset. I could defo see my SteelSeries Arctis Pro hanging from it.

I suppose if you fancied cosplaying the fearsome warrior then this would be an awesome addition to your outfit, too. I mean, you'd have to lose functionality of your own arm for a spell, but when the replacement looks this good I think it would be worth the trade-off. Of course, if you owned this arm then I feel you'd then almost be contractually mandated to acquire or make a replica of Malenia's katana, the deadly Hand of Malenia. Throw in one of the many wearable replicas of Malenia's helmet available right now and you'd be along way towards having an undefeatable Malenia costume. Fearsome.

The Arm of Malenia's high cost does get you a bit of exclusivity, too, with its maker, Pure Arts, only making 3,500 of them worldwide. The arm is officially licensed by Bandai Namco and is due to ship to buyers in December this year. Personally, though, I'd rather weep in defeat to Malenia for the hundredth time than weep while reading the statement from my utterly defeated bank balance.

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