Arrowhead says Helldivers 2 players should avoid bullying those fancy lads with the blue preorder armor, who are canonically frozen yogurt salesmen

Preorder bonus blue armor for Helldivers 2 closeup of shoulders and head
(Image credit: Arrowhead)

First reported by GamesRadar, Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead has politely requested that players refrain from killing their teammates who are wearing the fancy blue preorder armor, no matter how much you may want to stick it to those nerds and their silly little outfits.

The SUMY Corporation froyo salesman armor was a preorder bonus for Helldivers 2, one that'll likely never be made available again. While some fans jokingly call it the "UN Armor" in reference to the organization's blue-helmeted peacekeeping force, the sweet, tangy lore of the bluedivers is that they're battlefield frozen yogurt vendors, like combat medics but with tasty treats instead of lifesaving triage.

I like how Arrowhead is already "taking the piss" here, as my UK colleagues would say⁠—yeah, you shelled out and got some cool armor, but you're also a fancy little dessert man. On the one hand, these are some of Arrowhead's real heads: they bought Helldivers 2 before it was the absolute phenomenon we've seen over the past few months. 

On the other, preorder cosmetics have the energy of a kid showing up to high school wearing a cool leather jacket their parents bought for them. It's really essential character development that other kids call them "jacket boy," maybe spill some Faygo on them, things of that nature.

I could see Froyo Drop Shock Troopers being the jacket boys of Helldivers 2, basically, with some tasteful friendly fire-themed bullying being in order. It's not all that clear if there's any real epidemic of people taking this justice into their own hands⁠—PCG staff writer and apparent yogurt vendor Morgan Park has only gotten compliments on his spiffy suit⁠—but Arrowhead noticed chatter to that effect on Twitter and immediately put the kibosh on any plans to bully be-froyo'd players

"It has come to the attention of Super Earth High Command that official SUMY Corporation Frozen Yoghurt salesmen have been deliberately targeted while on the battlefield.

"This man is your friend! He fights for your freedom, librrrrrty, and frosty treats!"

So yeah, do not team kill the fancy preorder armor froyo guys in Helldivers 2, ever, except for cases where it might be really funny⁠—isn't half the fun of this game creatively team killing people and making it look like an accident?

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