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Battlefield 4 double XP event starts today

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Assuming that the game is now stable enough in order for you to take advantage of it, Battlefield 4's double XP weekend for Premium members begins today. Previously scheduled to ring in the new year last Sunday, December 29, the event was postponed due to the "intermittent connectivity" issues we've been covering since the game launched in late October last year.

Arma 3 gears up snipers ahead of E3

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I'm not sure what Bohemia are trying to get at with the timing of this latest, sniper focused patch for Arma 3, which they describe as deploying, "right before heading out to Los Angeles for the E3 Expo." What are they planning?! Do they have sharpshooters trained at the convention centre? Oh god, Graham! SOMEBODY WARN GRAHAM...

DayZ standalone will be out this year, "and it's going to be cheap"

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DayZ developer Dean "Rocket" Hall has been going over his plans for DayZ at the Eurogamer Expo. "It has to be out before the end of the year," he said. "Not just because we've committed to it but in order to achieve what we have to do. It has to be. There's no 'we hope it is'; it has to be.

"And it's going to be cheap. We've decided that we don't need to sell a heap of units in order for us to be OK with where it's going. The more units we sell of it the more ambitious we get, because the project has the better resources."

US Army issues design doc for military training shooter

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Kotaku are reporting that the US Army are on the hunt for a new military shooter. Me too, but while I just struggle to connect to Battlelog and cry silently, they're offering $44.5 million to any company that fulfills their grueling list of criteria for a training game.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer shows co-op modes, vision modes, exciting 'splodes

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It might not be a good idea to play with Ghost Recon: Future soldier's iPad application openly on the bus, or generally in public. It's about as close to "gun porn" as a no-nudity app is likely to get. The weapon customisation system lets you explode weapons into dozens of pieces, rotate them for inspection and then snap them all back together with a few hand motions like a fascinated, gun-lovin' Jedi.

The gunsmith app is one facet of Future Soldier's obsession with sensory war-gadgets and smeary vision modes. Utilising these in tandem during Future Soldier's four-player co-op modes could be rather satisfying. It's out now. You can check out the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier site for more details, or, if you're feeling brave, challenge yourself to sit through the entire Ghost Recon prequel film. Good luck.

Battlefield 3’s Patrick Bach: “biggest benefit for the console has been that we’re leading on PC”

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EA/DICE executive producer Patrick Bach sat down and had a big chat with us about imminent uber military shooter Battlefield 3. Obviously, it’s one of those cross-platform war shooters people seem so fond of these days, but did the limitations of the console hamper its development as a PC game?

Resoundingly, no, according to Bach, who believes that leading the game on PC has a positive trickle-down effect for console gamers. “Our biggest benefit for the console has been that we’re leading on PC,” said Bach. “It has forced us to push the limited technology of consoles compared to the PC to a new level, because we set the bar with what we wanted to create on PC and said, ‘How the heck are we going to do this on consoles?’”

The Gadget Show’s Battlefield 3 Holodeck: behind the scenes

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Combine multiple projectors, an igloo-shaped screen within a special tent, a motion-tracking paintball gun, treadmills and a PC that can actually run Battlefield 3 and you’ve got The Gadget Show’s “Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator.” Placing the player in the midst of the military shooter’s action, it allows proper movement through the game and even simulates bullet hits with electronically-controlled paintball guns. It’s one of those completely bonkers (and rather expensive) ideas that somehow just about works, apart from the bit where the machine malfunctions and starts shooting Jason indiscriminately. We quite like that bit.

Arma 3 trailer shows awesome vistas, underwater footage and tank physics

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This video demonstration for German mag, GameStar, spied by RPS, gives us our first look at Arma 3 in motion. Bohemia designer Ivan Buchta takes us through some of the improved physics, grenade effects, vehicle interiors and underwater sections that will feature in Arma 3, though the astonishing vistas threaten to steal the show.

Those impressive draw distances will require a hefty machine to render. Bohemia released the game's system specifications when they announced Arma 3 at E3. you can find full details in our Arma 3 announcement post, and get closer to those landscapes in the E3 Arma 3 screenshots.

Arma 3 will have sandbox singleplayer with side quests

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Arma 3 was announced at E3 this year with talk of an "open-ended" single player campaign and "sandbox-oriented combat gameplay." In a recent interview with Everyeye, spotted by Blues News, Bohemia designer Ivan Buchta expanded on this, revealing that Arma 3 single player will let you take quests form NPCs in an open-ended environment, and even pursue side missions to get hold of better equipment, support or new vehicles.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River trailer details co-op

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The Operation Flashpoint: Red River team head to the nearest warehouse to tell us all about the game's drop-in, drop-out co-op mode in their latest dev diary. They also chat about the four co-op game modes, including convoy escort, last stand, combat sweep and combat search and rescue, in which you must head behind enemy lives to rescue downed helicopter pilots.

For more on the game, check out our interview with Operation Flashpoint's creative director, or check out the official Operation Flashpoint: Red River site. The game's due out on April 21 in Europe, and June 7 in the US.

ARMA 2 gets awesome Ghost Recon mod, war movie

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A modder has painstakingly recreated every mission from Ghost Recon: Island Thunder in ARMA 2. ARMA 2 player Fatal Papercut was such a fan of the maps that he decided to film a crack team as they played through the missions. The result is a pair of videos that perfectly capture the authenticity, and sense of tension that make ARMA's skirmishes great. You'll find the second mission, Jaguar Maze below.