Korean Air

Adorable Korean children pledge allegiance to Protoss army

Evan Lahti at

Gaming sponsorship is big in Korea. We've already seen Korean Air's blue-hued Terran airplanes, now through the copyright-infringing wonder of YouTube we get a glance into one of the company's first post-launch commercials featuring StarCraft 2. In it, little Joonhyuk reveals his dream to become a dangerous Protoss psionic assassin during show and tell. Video within.

StarCraft II airlines take to the skies

Jaz McDougall at

Blizzard have struck a deal with Korean Air to put a big picture of Jim Raynor on the side of two international planes - a B747-400 and a B737-900 - in exchange for... additional pylons? Who knows? Maybe Paul Sams, Chief Operating Officer of Blizzard does: "As we approach the global launch of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, this promotion represents a unique, large-scale opportunity to introduce the characters and style of the StarCraft universe to gamers throughout the world."

Starcraft II event: "everything is being released"

Tim Edwards at

The Starcraft community in Korea has gone into a bit of a tizz. Tomorrow, the local media, Starcraft community, and Blizzard big-wigs have been invited to a private event at a Korean Air hangar in Gimpo Airport. The invitation suggests a major Starcraft II announcement is to take place. Full details below.