Knights belonging to systems of government

The Secret World trailer introduces the Templars

Henry Winchester at

Here’s a true fact: if the Knights Templar got royalties for each time their cabal was used in a book, film or computer game, they’d have at least £100. According to some conspiracy theories, the Knights Templar already have that £100 in their underground lair, and they’re planning to spend it on some Henri Wintermans and a bottle of Bells to celebrate the fact that they actually control the world.

ANYWAY, VG24/7 have pointed us in the direction of a new trailer for FunCom’s upcoming MMO The Secret World, and it features one of the Knights Templar’s new recruits - Rose. She likes: “Long walks in the dark, Spilling the blood of evil and Fuzzy sweaters.” She shoots a monster with a shotgun. That hardly seems fair.

The Secret World will be out in April next year.

The Old Republic trailer hints at the return of Revan. And HK-47!

Jaz McDougall at

Darth Revan is so coming back in The Old Republic. In the original KOTOR, Revan somewhat of a big bad guy - using illegal superweapons to massacre the Mandalorians, hunting ancient, even more illegal super weapons, and manipulating stern-yet-compassionate Jedi women. Depending on your actions in the game, Revan can either pose a major threat to the galaxy or be turned into a force for good. It looks like he's back - but is he good Revan, or not-so-good Revan? And more importantly, is that HK-47?