Witchmarsh reaches its Kickstarter target, sets sights on stretch goals

Phil Savage at

The gorgeous looking Witchmarsh has worked its 1920s rural magic, charming enough Kickstarter backers to secure the £50,000 it needed to raise. Which isn't to say the developers aren't hoping that the promise of a side-scrolling ARPG mystery can't attract more funds. Inglenook say their "dream target" is £160,000, and so naturally they have some stretch goals prepared.

Twenties-set mystery RPG Witchmarsh takes to Kickstarter, marvel at its moody pixel art

Tom Sykes at

I have a folder on my computer entitled 'Awesome pixel art', in which the jazzy Witchmarsh's expressive and moodily-paletted characters feature heavily. I'm expecting that folder to expand a bit with the news that Inglenook's *deep breath* sidescrolling 1920s-set supernatural co-op action RPG has taken to Kickstarter, supported by a brief but footage-packed pitch video, tons of information, and more GIFs than it's possible for a human to digest in a single sitting. Phil might be looking forward to getting lost in space, Joey Tribbiani style, with Elite: Dangerous, but I can't wait to be lost in the roaring supernatural alternate-twenties, a time when life was 2D, mystery-laden, and accompanied by a toe-tapping jazz/blues soundtrack.