My new favorite Elden Ring mod replaces Torrent, goats, deer, and boars with capybaras

A stack of capybara modded into Elden Ring.
(Image credit: FromSoftware/Delamain)

If you're anything like me, you're eager for it to be June 21 already, when Elden Ring expansion Shadow of the Erdtree drops. FromSoftware's largest expansion to date, it promises a slew of new horrific enemies to battle, creepy lands to explore, and weapons to collect. In the meantime, however, we can cruise around the Lands Between in style as we collect all the runes, smithing stones, and talismans our hearts desire on a brand new mount.

A giant capybara.

Delamain's "Capybara Island" mod, available here on Nexus Mods, turns our beloved Torrent into a gigantic fluffy capybara. Apparently it also changes all goats, deer, and wild boars as well, which begs the question of whether or not our intrepid mod author took the time to animate the capybaras rolling around like maniacs. Why do the goats in Elden Ring roll around like that, anyway? Someone ping the lore guys, we've got big questions here.

The mod also promises fun capybara facts on the loading screens. Perhaps it will tell you that capybaras are the world's largest rodent (they can grow up to 170 lbs!), or that their large front incisors never stop growing and they need to grind them down on food or tree bark. Maybe it will tell you about the relationship they have with the yellow-headed caracara, where the adorable birds ride around on their backs and eat ticks off them.

I have yet to ride a capybara from the fields of Limgrave to the frozen Mountaintops of the Giants, but I am intrigued about the last line of the mod description, which offers "other stuff to explore." Perhaps Mohg's trident will be replaced with a capybara-headed staff, or the Red Wolf in the Raya Lucaria library will instead be a giant rodent with a sword gripped in its powerful incisors.

If you're looking for other Elden Ring mods to tide you over for the next month, check out Convergence or Elden Ring Reforged, both of which offer tons of rebalancing, updates, and new content. There's also the excellent Seamless Co-op mod, which allows you to traverse the world of Elden Ring with a friend without them being kicked out every time you beat a boss.