Hearthstone Help: How to build your own deck

Tim Clark at

Create your own killer deck with help from our in-house Legendary player. In this guide he walks you through the deck-building process, and creates a new PC Gamer-exclusive deck for you to try.

Woof! Blizzard nerfs Unleash The Hounds in Hearthstone

Tim Clark at

Who let the dogs out? Bloody everyone, it seems, because the next move in Blizzard’s ongoing balancing of the cards in Hearthstone will be to change the cost of playing Unleash The Hounds…

Hearthstone Help: The best decks explained

Tim Clark at

Still getting crushed by a stream of Murlocs? In the first of a series of articles, our friendly Hearthstone expert shows you why some decks seem so unfair, and how to counter them.