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DayZ diary: the fishing trap

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As DayZ slowly winds its way through alpha, we're finally beginning to see more updates to the early access zombie survival game, with new items and features being regularly added. Mechanics for hunting, fishing, crafting, and cooking means there are now new ways to thrive and survive in the post-apocalyptic landscape of Chernarus besides simply scrounging around in buildings for canned food or shooting and looting other players.

I thought I'd try surviving using some of these new tools. Instead of guns, I'd try to use a crossbow to take down some deer. Instead of peeling open canned tuna I'd try to pluck fish from ponds. No more cold beans: I'll cook my food over a roaring fire or gas-powered stove. Essentially, I'm going camping. Strap on a backpack and come along.

DayZ targeting better zombie behavior with expansion of dev team

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Since its December release, the most complex and frightening encounters I've had in the DayZ Standalone have involved other human beings, not the survival sim's undead population. But with the recent expansion of its development team, the DayZ designers at Bohemia Interactive are now laying out a plan for a better-behaved zombie antagonist, according to a new post on the game's official dev blog.

DayZ flash mob group staging raves, games, more shenanigans

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Don't bring an AK-47 or a fire ax to a rave, unless it's DayZ. With millions of players buying into the early-access, standalone alpha of the zombie survival sim, it's safe to say a DayZ flash mob group was bound to surface. Founded back in February, the Steam group has been releasing videos of its meetups in recent days. You can check out one example below.

DayZ developer acquires new studio to work on standalone version [Update: Everything but the name]

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Update: Bohemia have been in touch to provide the following clarification: they have acquired Cauldron's facilities, technology and staff for their new Slovakian studio, but not the Cauldron brand itself.

It looks like the DayZ Standalone will be getting a few new helping hands. Creator Dean "Rocket" Hall has announced the purchase of Slovakian game developer Cauldron by Bohemia Interactive, with 25 of that studio's staff set to work on the zombie survival sim, according to a report at Eurogamer.

DayZ sold one million copies in four weeks

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Are you playing the DayZ alpha available through Steam Early Access? It wouldn't be a bad assumption, because Bohemia Interactive reports one million sales of the game only four weeks after it became available on Steam. CEO Marek Španěl announced the news via Twitter today.

DayZ players propose a Christmas ceasefire

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Echoing the Christmas truces that took place along the 1914 Western Front during World War I, some DayZ players on Reddit want to spend the day with their baseball bats shouldered and their guns tucked away. Since the game often acts as a sort of laboratory for human behavior, any proposed ceasefire in the DayZ Mod or Standalone alpha will take place as a simple—but maybe revealing—experiment.

DayZ diary: My first life

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A few hundred thousand people are already playing the DayZ alpha, and I’m one of them. I’ve recorded my journey so far, one, remarkably, that hasn’t yet ended in death.

Day Z Early Access has 200,000 survivors already

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DayZ hasn't been on Steam Early Access for long, but it's spreading faster than a deadly necrotic infection. According to the big counter on the DayZ site, the multiplayer zombie survival horror game now has 201,514 survivors. It sprang straight to the top of the Steam sales chart minutes after release and, according to a tweet from developer Peter Nespesny, surpassed 150,000 survivors in 24 hours. Oh, and has 34,000 concurrent players on Steam. Blimey.

DayZ Standalone released on Steam early access

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DayZ's standalone version, the follow-up to the popular Arma 2 mod, is out now on Steam early access for $30. Unfortunately, DayZ creator Dean Hall was notified at the last minute that the launch trailer (below) that Steam pulled his trailer "due to censorship," but you can still watch it thanks to YouTube.

DayZ Standalone developer says early access alpha will be rough

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DayZ standalone developer Dean Hall says in a forum post that buying early access to DayZ on Steam will be disappointing for those wanting a complete experience. "It's a true-blue alpha," he writes. "So I really plead for anyone who is on the fence to take a skeptical approach—watch streams, read reviews, watch some let's play and form your opinion. You could always come back to the game in three, six months time and buy it then."

DayZ Standalone gets eight minutes of axey, compassy new footage

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I'm reliably informed by my spirit guide Ernest 'Don't Call Me Ernie' Ernie Shackleton that, before the age of iPhones and Sat-Nav and asking people for directions, compasses were once THE way to get around. Seeing as how satellites probably wouldn't work in the zombie post-apocalypse, it seems only right that DayZ's survivors are embracing the humble compass once more, as revealed in this new, eight-minute-long video of the upcoming standalone version. Also featured: the lovely new inventory system, and lots and lots of hitting zombies with an axe.

DayZ Standalone needs more optimization before release, says Dean Hall

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DayZ developer Dean "Rocket" Hall took to Reddit on Monday to discuss the current state of the standalone version for the popular Arma 2 mod. The final version, unfortunately, is still a ways off, due to Hall's insistence that the game needs more optimization and bug fixes before he's happy with it.

UPDATED: DayZ Standalone version delayed due to bugs and poor optimization

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Arma III’s release had its fair share of hitches, but it appears as though the bugs and optimizations issues plaguing DayZ Standalone's development are of a different breed—enough to push back the game's launch window.

DayZ screenshots are stealthy, contemplative, and not exactly action-packed

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Following that ten-minute dose of new DayZ footage earlier today, Bohemia have released a bunch of screenshots showing the zombie survival sim in...well, not quite in action. They mostly involve characters hiding, creeping or staring thoughtfully at things, but as that's the DayZ experience in a nutshell (see also: zombies), it does seem fairly apt.

DayZ Standalone: New 10 minute video shows off animation, crafting system, gestures

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VG247 have ten minutes of new DayZ Standalone footage, as demonstrated by Bohemia Interactive's Matt Lightfoot (playing an in-game survivor wearing a particularly horrible striped orange T-shirt). 20 minutes of Standalone video emerged back in March, but it seems to have come quite a long way since then - this latest build boasts a redone inventory and crafting system, along with better animation and character models, and a more realistic range of weaponry.

Dean Hall addresses zombie behavior in DayZ Standalone

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A zombie lifecycle within the DayZ Standalone is one of the intriguing gameplay developments mentioned by lead designer Dean Hall at E3 today. Hall, speaking live with Machinima's Inside Gaming, said that although zombie behavior remains one of the most difficult and problematic aspects of the game's development, the zombies should "feel much more authentic" in the Standalone when compared to the original Mod edition of the survival-horror simulator.

E3 2013: What we're excited to see

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With E3 2013 just around the corner, we gathered around the Rectangular Coffee Table of Hopes and Dreams to discuss what we're looking forward to rubbing our eyeballs gently across at the show. Will Payday 2 address its predecessor's shortcomings? Might we get a glimpse at Fallout 4? Prey 2? As long as we can dream...

Keep an eye out over the next few days to watch the rest of our discussion, including the impact of this year's expo on the PC as a whole, and our rampant speculation on E3 2014.

Leaked DayZ Standalone footage appears to come from an early build

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Could this be leaked footage of DayZ's standalone version? It looks like everyone's favorite zombie-survival game, all right, but with an interestingly candy-colored inventory screen, among other features.

DayZ Standalone now in closed alpha testing, paid public alpha still on track for June

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Hoorah! Dean "Rocket" Hall's bandit-riddled, zombie-fleeing mod DayZ has been threatening to take on a life of its own the past few months, and that threat no longer lies dormant—Rocket revealed in an interview that some lucky fans are already playing the DayZ Standalone version.

DayZ Standalone map designer recalls time in prison

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A new dev blog from the team behind the upcoming DayZ Standalone version features an interview with Ivan Buchta, a map design consultant on the project. Buchta talks about the importance of visiting real-life locations when designing maps and landscapes for virtual worlds.