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James Bond games quietly exit Steam, Activision's store

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The three Activision-published James Bond games available in Steam's storefront apparently made like their namesake yesterday and abruptly snuck out, users posting on the forums spotted (via NeoGamr). Luckily, the games didn't mimic Bond's other signature style of causing random explosions wherever he departs.

Updated: Activision shutting down Bizarre and Budcat studios?

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Anonymous development sources inside Iowa City-based Budcat Creations phoned into PC Gamer this morning to inform us that instead of developing games this morning, they're sitting in a bar down the street drinking together and calling friends and family. The reason? When they arrived at work this morning they found security guards outside their office building and "too cheerful" consultants brought in to tell them they're all being let go. Similar reports are coming out of UK developer Bizarre Creations, who made Blur for Activision just this year.

Update: Activision is taking 90 days to decide what to do with Bizarre Creations: restructure, sell, or close.

Blur review

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When your resume includes the monstrously popular Project Gotham Racing series, driving game fans expect big things from you. Big, fast, shiny things. In keeping with that reputation, Liverpool-based Bizarre Creations delivers with the fittingly titled Blur, an arcade racer that unleashes speedy, PGR-style licensed cars onto a selection of exotic circuits and entices players to bash the living crap out of each other (or the AI) with a replenishable supply of power-ups.