Dead Island screenshots have dodgy haircuts and zombie violence

Tom Senior at

Four new Dead Island screens have appeared, showing the back of playable character Logan's head in action. Even this limited glimpse of his scalp is enough to tell us that he's sporting the horrendous not-quite-a-mohican hairstyle that we thought we'd seen the last of with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's Soap Mactavish. While Logan's head lingers in the uncanny valley of haircuts, his hands are busy fending off the zombie apocalypse that has gripped Dead Island's open world paradise.

Dead Island co-op screenshots show electric machetes

Rich McCormick at

Personally, I wouldn't have booked a flight to a place called 'Dead Island' in the first place. At the very least, I wouldn't be surprised when a swarm of zombies turned up when I tried to check in at the hotel.

I jest, of course. The dead island of Dead Island's open-world world is the fictional Banoi, and I totally would've booked a holiday to a place called Dead Island. Imagine how cool it'd sound at work? "How was your time on DEAD ISLAND, Rich?" "Pretty good: I had to work together with three friends to hold off a horde of shambling corpses, and we jury-rigged weapons out of machinery and tools left around the Palms Resort." "Oh, cool! Can I see your photos?" "Sure, they're IN THIS VERY POST."