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Arma 3 gears up snipers ahead of E3

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I'm not sure what Bohemia are trying to get at with the timing of this latest, sniper focused patch for Arma 3, which they describe as deploying, "right before heading out to Los Angeles for the E3 Expo." What are they planning?! Do they have sharpshooters trained at the convention centre? Oh god, Graham! SOMEBODY WARN GRAHAM...

Arma 3 screenshot competition: the winners gallery

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Last week we asked you to point your lenses at Arma 3's alpha, using the game's machinima camera to snap some inventive, artful images of life on the idyllic Mediterranean island of Stratis. Well, idyllic up until the point of armed invasion, that is. The three best photographers would win keys to the deluxe digital edition of the full game, courtesy of the good folk at Bohemia Interactive. Pretty soon, budding paparazzi had filled our forum's screenshots thread with picture postcard vistas, wildlife shots, saucy pictures of men in their underwear and no shortage of gritty war documentation. It was tough to whittle the list down, but we've selected our top ten - which I've taken the liberty of giving pretentious names in cases where none previously existed. No need to thank me. Hit the jump for the gallery. Congratulations to our three winners and thanks to all those who entered!

Postcards from Stratis: how to take fancy screenshots in Arma 3

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What we've learned from Arma 3's development so far is that Greek islands with a heavy military presence and snap-happy tourists are not a happy combination. Luckily for budding travel photographers, Bohemia Interactive's developers have suffered so you don't have to, and you can still turn the Aegean into picture postcard memories thanks to their sterling efforts to recreate the landscape of Stratis in Arma 3.

The 20km slice of Mediterranean that Bohemia created to show off their mil-sim is a gorgeous place. The rolling sun-scorched hills, lapping waves, and hidden delights might easily be lost amid the cordite smog and tracer fire if you simply treat this as the backdrop to a war game. Don't. Take the time to enjoy the world. Grab the editor, place a character, take a stroll and capture the sights for posterity. Here are a few tricks to make the most of your snaps and coordinate locations of cool places to visit.

PC Gamer US Podcast #347 - We Built This City on DRM

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Join a would-be city council featuring Omri, Logan, T.J, and Chief Justice Evan as we take our frustrations with SimCity's servers to municipal court. Is there a fun game under all the disconnects and network errors? Plus, we're finally allowed to talk about the Arma 3 alpha! Which essentially means, the rest of us interrogate Evan about the Arma 3 alpha!

Arma 3 is an extremely serious hardcore military simulation

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As we've outlined in interviews, hands-on impressions, video footage, and other reporting this week, Bohemia Interactive's Arma 3 is an extremely serious, hardcore military simulation that should only be experienced by current or former United States Marines who have received twelve or more medals. We can't be more explicit about this: Arma 3 is a hyper-authentic, high-fidelity simulation intended for hardened men of danger, and and no amount of paintball skills or similar talents can prepare you for its harrowing depiction of war.

Arma 3 video: see Arma 3 with every video setting turned up

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Arma 3 is deserving of your cat calls. It's a sexy game—maybe not in the same way that say, Crysis 3 is—but its scale, sandbox, and authentic terrain are more than worthy of your hardware. To see what Arma 3 is capable of, I put the alpha build of the game (which you can now pay to access) on the best rig we currently have lying around and captured a bunch of footage.

Arma 3 interview - AI, map design, mods, and a response to "Will Arma 3 break my PC?"

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In advance of the Arma 3 alpha dropping on Tuesday for Steam pre-orderers, I launched a salvo of questions at Project Lead Joris-Jan van ‘t Land and Co-Creative Director Jay Crowe. We'll have in-depth coverage of the alpha when the embargo lifts on Tuesday, March 5.

An explanation of Arma 3's ballistics modeling: everything that happens when you fire a gun

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Authentic ballistics modeling continues to be a distinguishing aspect of Arma. But even though I've dumped hundreds of hours into the game, I realized I couldn't identify all the things that the system simulates. To alleviate me (and you) of this ignorance, I asked two of Bohemia's leads to break down what variables go to work when you pull the trigger in Arma 3.