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    Post Useful links, guides and podcasts

    Took this from my [URL="http://fishamatician.tumblr.com/post/5724911743/rift-links-and-other-useful-info"]tumblr blog[/URL] as I thought it would be handy, As i only really play cleric and a bit of warrior my mage and rogue knowledge and research is a bit lacking so please feel free to reply with you favorite source of class info, builds or podcasts and ill add them to the OP.

    As with everything I "get into" I end up with a huge amount of bookmarks to databases, Review sites, Podcast's etc. I thought it might be an idea to list them here for others to find and also a one stop shop for myself as time passes.

    Any builds here are the ones I am using and are normally the most popular on ZAM Rift for the Role in question.


    [URL="http://rift.zam.com/"]ZAM Rift :: A Rift Database, Soul Builder, and Wiki Site[/URL]

    [URL="www.riftmap.com"]RiftMap.com - Telara World Map with locations and more! [/URL]

    [URL="http://www.rift-craft.com/"]Rift Crafting and Profession Guides[/URL]

    [URL="http://telarapedia.com/wiki/Rift_Wiki"]Rift Wiki[/URL]


    [URL="http://www.tanktelara.com/"]Tank Telara[/URL]

    [URL="http://www.riftwatchers.com/"]Rift Watchers[/URL]

    [URL="http://riftlore.blogspot.com/"]Rift Lore Blog[/URL]

    [URL="http://www.riftjunkies.com/"]Rift Junkies[/URL]


    the Duracell build [URL="http://forums.riftgame.com/showthread.php?164161-An-excellent-farming-build-(video"]http://forums.riftgame.com/showthread.php?164161-An-excellent-farming-build-(video[/URL]

    [URL="http://riftclerics.net/riftclerics/"]Rift Clerics, Builds, Guides, Rumours and More! [/URL]

    [URL="http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?riftstc=10rnj.EuRsqeekRR.mcd.V"]Cleric Tank Spec (as of 22/5/2011) [/URL]

    [URL="http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?riftstc=10jeG.E0Eobotco.xE0xokRo.V"]Cleric Healing Spec (as of 22/5/2011) [/URL]

    [URL="http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?riftstc=10nrd.Ved0t0shk.euMo0fz.Vxkb"]Cleric DPS Spec (as of 22/5/2011) [/URL]

    [SIZE="3"]Warrior[/SIZE] Soon™

    [URL="http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?riftstc=1chEA.EgRussisdrz.xm.x0o"]Warrior Tank Spec (as of 22/5/2011) [/URL]

    [SIZE="3"]Mage[/SIZE] Soon™

    [SIZE="3"]Rogue[/SIZE] Soon™

    [SIZE="3"]Podcasts And Video[/SIZE]

    [URL="http://www.riftwatchers.com"]Rift Watchers[/URL]

    [URL="http://www.riftwatchers.com/"]Rift Watchers[/URL]

    [URL="http://rift.mmoreporter.com/"]Rift Reporter[/URL]

    [URL="http://badcaserift.blogspot.com/"]Bad Case Rift[/URL]

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    mmo, rift

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