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    Default Summoner and Champion information on my Site

    Hey Community,

    I have been registered here for quite some time, but I guess I was rather the quiet “bon viveur”. Nevertheless, I have always loved and will always love League of Legends, the community and pcgamer. One might not believe I got a real life as well in which I enjoy programing every now and then. So I had the thought of combining these two activities and this is what I came up with:

    It was supposed to be a small project which ended up getting bigger than I thought and expected it to become. I was planning on programing a script which would help you find duo queue partners who match your current elo without stating it (and heck a lot of options to choose from), because who doesn’t know the feeling of “having a bad team again”? “Another troll, leaver and crap”. So, I sat down and started. After finding a viable and fast way to receive the data from League of Legends I had the desire to keep on going, since I felt like there was no community website which serves all useful champion information and summoner information at one place with a simple/plain design. There surely are great League sites though. Now, I ended up with a website which serves champion information like counter champions (which visitors can up and downvote and comment), a viable way to skill your Champion, a purchase order, Season 3 masteries, useful runes and the Champion including some general tips. These champion information were provided by pretty much only High-Elo players, so I trusted them in knowing what they are doing. Haha Well, that’s just the part of the champions. You can also find each summoner information. Your ten most recent games, masteries, runes, and the champions that you played on ranked so far for each season. Of course, you can also find general information as your current elo, ranked, normal, dominion and your team’s statistics. As of today, I am planning on doing some interesting charts on what champions have been played etc. If you like to see any chart which hasn’t been published yet you could let me know in here. For the moment I just implemented a “Maximum Stats” page which gathers the top information from each summoner that has been searched.
    I also included a feature to register yourself at Duo-Q. For the moment this only helps you to navigate to different summoners’ (your favorite) profiles faster. It also will help you at finding duo queue partners in a shorter time once this is enabled. Anyways if you have any thoughts which are not on my to-do list just let me know and I will give it a thought.

    For the moment I disabled the option to look for a duo queue partner, since I want to wait for some feedback before I enable it. There also would need to be quite a few people that would be interested in such thing. So, here I am waiting for criticism. ;-) But please be not too rough on me though, it was so exhausting the past weeks. It literally felt like I was programing 24/7. Haha I do know there are still a whole lot of things that I need to work on.

    At some point in the near future I would love to “host” some tournaments as well and the prize money would depend on the revenue which this website makes. I am not looking for any profit! As long as I can maintain the site with your help I would be fine. If there was more money than I would expect it will be put into the prize pool of my hosted tournaments and that’s what I am looking for. So, It would really be appreciated if Adblock would not be enabled. :-)

    It is know that some rune pages might not have the correct adding ups, but once I got the time I will look into it a little further, since due to university and stuff I am in quite a rush. Moving out, moving into a different country, the beginning of university, socializing and bla. That kind of ****
    If you feel like helping out and you feel comfortable enough that you think you know how you can reach the most potential with a champion then let me know and I will let you add it. By the way, if you think you have any new ideas or optimizations (including bugs) let me know and I will fix it as soon as possible. Just like I will add Vi the upcoming days and I will finish the purchase orders (about 15 are left) and the tags of the champions, so they can be searched properly.

    Td;dr I programed another League site which combines summoner and champion information. You will also be able to look for duo queue partners.

    I hope you enjoy this,



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