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    Old 04-27-2013, 06:40 PM
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    Default Beginners Raid Report 27/4/13

    Tanks: Slim and Gomph
    Healers: Jestah, Shattelle and Sanju
    Ranged: Waloper, Pandarieth, Mageius, Herttog and Shadfire

    1st meeting for this new raiding slot.
    Only a few new people, with alts and Epic filling the remainder.
    Thanks to all who made it.

    Basically we one-shot everything and got some loots

    More details ? Ok.
    Darieth did an excellent job of explaining each fight and gave assignments when necessary.

    For the dogs we had the worst combo you can have : Amethyst, Cobalt and Jasper.
    We only needed to taunt one dog as we got super lucky with the one being picked to explode each time. So the tanking was very easy going.
    As all the dps were ranged, the jasper chains were pretty much a non issue.
    All in all, a very comfortable start to MSV.

    Feng was very straight forward, once I was told not to stand in his lightning fists
    Garaj'hal also went smoothly.

    Elegon gave us our funniest event of the raid when Darieth was doing his normal pre-fight bouncing around warm up and managed to hop into the well
    I was a little slow in tanking him after the pillar phase and we all got dragged in, sorry about that. We'd only managed to kill a few spark waves, fewer than we were hoping for. So the last phase was a big push for the healers and dps, but they did a great job.

    Will was quite fun from my perspective. First time I've tried doing the boss dance, and I managed to get a few of them. Should be better in future now that I have seen it. Not sure how the adds were being handled, but it sounded good.

    A good start to a new raid slot. Hopefully we will get some more new faces to join us in the future and that everyone enjoyed themselves.
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    Old 04-27-2013, 10:15 PM
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    I totally missed out even though I signed, sorry about that! I'll make sure it won't happen again
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