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    Old 03-20-2011, 12:52 PM
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    Default Sat 19th report

    I was half asleep last night so I forgot to take down the list of names, but thanks to everyone for coming and a special thanks to Darieth for leading for me as I don't like talking on vent unless I have to and he knows the bosses better than most people.

    we had quite a few people new to raiding/cata raiding, but we only had a couple of wipes on halfus then we got him down fairly quick once we swapped the tanks, we then gave the twin drakes a try we wiped on these quite a bit we did make a decent effort at it considering half the raid had never seen it but in the end due to healing/coordination/too many melee problems we decided to go have a look at BWD for the people who hadn't seen it.

    we had several wipes on omnitron due to missed interrupts and such but by then we were getting close to the end of the raid so we decided to give a few shots on magmaw to give people a chance to see it, due to me being the only ranged player we had a couple of wipes due to me either being out of healer range too long or failing at kitting.

    all in all it was a good night considering quite a few people hadn't seen the fights and we were melee heavy, hopefully we can carry on next week and try to push a bit further.
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