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    Old 12-20-2010, 09:13 PM
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    Default Guild wargames/rated BG - first impressions

    Tonight the guild did the first (of what we hope will become regular) PvP rated batteground and other PvP thingies.

    We were just testing the water really. Firstly we had about a dsozen guildies defend Tol Barad, then we scrounged together 15 players and after a 10 minute queue got into an Eye of the storm - we fared pretty poorly, but it was fun to get back in the PvP swing of things.

    After that we tried the new wargames tool - a way to set up matches of any size with 2 predetermined groups. We started with 5v5 arena matches (and a 5v4) which was great for the team that smashed me into the ground, but things got really great when we did a 5v5 warsong match.

    It was awesome - in the end my team won 3-2 - with 20 seconds left on the timer. There were flag rescues in the enemy flag room, there were pitched battles, there were heroic deeds, there was smack talk, there was lots of fun.
    I can't count the number of time I've been crushed in a Battleground by a rogue - having it be a rogue in our guild (Sisy) made me feel proud of the quality of players we have in the guild.
    I say proud - the pride was subsumed under a pile of rage, hate (of rogues, and of Sisy in particular), anger, a feeling of futility, more rage, bitterness, grief, impotence and despair. But it was still pride.

    In other words, I had the most fun I've had in a battleground for years - I can't wait to get back in once i have some pvp gear and spec and show what i'm really made of (soft mushy flesh with bits of gristle), as long as next time Sisy is on my team

    For those who want to try it, the command to do a wargame is:
    /wg NAME PLACE
    where NAME is the leader of the opposing team you want to fight, and PLACE is the name of the battleground or arena (e.g. Nagrand Arena, or Warsong Gulch)

    You do not get any achievements, or statisitcs when doing a wargame - it's just for lols.
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