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    Old 05-09-2013, 09:03 PM
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    Default Raid report - 2013-05-09

    We went to ToT with 3 raiders from Schism with Steel raidleading and me backseat raidleading


    Tanks: goff, steel
    Heals: barks, ekkohunt, garcia
    DPS: ross, tarot, thorilin, ayumis, bleag

    From Schism
    tarot, bleag, garcia

    ayumis - gloves 1st boss
    goffik - bracers 1st boss

    First boss was easy enough, a few lightning mishaps, trash to horridon was good, a few attempts at horridon that didn't pan out. Dispelling was poor, and the ice door didn't work at all. Gluggie did some raiding even though she SHOULD BE STUDYING! She had to leave at 9.30 so we did some achieves in ICC25 to round it off.
    Big thanks to the raiders from Schism for joining us, I think it worked out excellent and I hope we see more of these guys in the future!

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