E3 2017 schedule: when to watch all the press conferences

Catch all the announcements out of E3 starting June 11.

The official E3 Twitter account has posted a handy timezone chart for every E3 2017 press conference. Hit the icon in the upper-right corner of the image above to enlarge and download it. (I also took the liberty of adding patterns to each block of dates—download that version here—in case it helps anyone tell them apart better. I could read it fine despite some color deficiency, but just in case.)

The conferences start Sunday, June 11 in LA with the Xbox and Bethesda events, followed Monday by the PC Gaming Show (hey, that's us!), Ubisoft, and PlayStation. Nintendo takes the final spot on Tuesday, though we have a hunch they won't be announcing a PC version of Breath of the Wild.

We'll post livestream links here when we're closer to the show. In the meantime, here are our predictions for each conference.