DayZ celebrates one year in Early Access, updated dev roadmap detailed

DayZ launched on Early Access this time last year, and since then we've watched it evolve from scrappy Arma mod into a game which lets you eat human flesh. To celebrate the milestone, Bohemia Interactive has released a video detailing the game's development as well as an updated roadmap for 2015.

Regarding the latter, it looks like we'll be getting simple land vehicles in the first quarter of the new year, which is nice. You can look forward to catching diseases, too. In the second quarter both animals and vehicles will become more complicated, while a new user interface and physics system will be ushered in.

During the third quarter traps, barricades and aerial transport are among the highlights, while we can expect (take a deep breath) animal companions late in the year. For the full roadmap check out the blog post here.

Check out the video below:


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