The 25 best Minecraft mods - updated! Now 1.3.2 compatible

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21. Clay Soldiers


Koda's impressive Clay Soldiers mod gives players the ability to construct adorable little figures out of clay and make them fight to the death for your entertainment. The tiny little men are capable of epic battles, and can even mount dirt horses to form cavalry. Awww. Download Clay Soldiers mod here.


22. Inventory Tweaks


Such a simple mod, but Inventory Tweaks is essential for anyone who regularly breaks out in cold sweats over an inventory full of detritus. Hit the R key and the mod will reorganise your loot into neat, customisable piles. It will even auto-replace tools when you break them.
Download Inventory Tweaks here


23. Fossil Mod


With previous dinosaur mod Jurassicraft now seemingly extinct, it's up to Fossil mod to carry the weight of our dinosaur hopes, and it does so wonderfully. While digging, you'll encounter fossils, which you can then analyse and cultivate as new dinosaur mobs. There's a whole variety of new creatures included, both friendly and aggressive, all carefully constructed to fit in with the Minecraft ecology. Download Fossil Mod here.


24. X-Ray Mod


X-Ray mod's primary purpose is to enable the mapping of underground areas by rendering surface blocks invisible. This lets you easily pick out caves, mines and strongholds. There's also a mode that only shows ore, helping you hunt down that elusive diamond. Finally, you can customise which blocks are shown in the menu, allowing creators to easily debug their redstone circuits. Download X-Ray Mod here.


25. Griefer Creepers


If you thought Creepers were the ultimate griefer unit before, try out Griefer Creeper to see what they're truly capable of. It makes the green assholes shoot 100 arrows into the air, 75 of which do explosive damage with the other 25 setting things on fire. Not that I'm suggesting you sneakily mod it into a friends copy of the game. No, I'm NOT suggesting that. Download Griefer Creepers here.

Check the final page for our rollback guide, so you can try out defunct mods.

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