Zombie Army 4's 101 trailer shows off new weapons, abilities and grotesque zombies

Hitler might have been sent to Hell, but his gormless undead Nazis are still wandering around. They're in Zombie Army 4, too, which is less than a month away. The latest trailer gives us a good long look at all the zombie slaughter, as well as revealing some new enemies, abilities, locations and more. 

You'll be able to go on a lovely trip across Italy with up to three mates, soaking up the sights of Venice and its zombie-logged canals, doing all the touristy stuff around Vesuvius, like killing zombies, and you can even visit a zoo. I'm sure that won't be horrific. 

As well as regular zombies, some of which will just chase you unarmed, while others might be packing explosives or other weapons, you'll have to fight off elite zombies—big nasty bastards with flamethrowers, chainsaws and LMGs. Then there are the non-human monsters, which include a zombie shark and a zombie tank. Yes, an undead vehicle. 

To murder all these zombies, you'll have your trusty rifle, letting you snipe zombies, with the X-ray mode letting you see the damage up close and internally. As always, it's lovely to watch. You'll also be able to do overkill attacks with dramatic effects and quick shots where you line up a bunch of targets. Or you can just punch them. Since You can also set them up with traps, including a particularly nasty one involving a propeller. 

As you travel across Italy and beyond, you'll be able to upgrade your character and their loadout, too, with elemental ammunition and other fancy effects, like reclaiming life from the zombies you put back into the ground. 

Joseph Knoop took a look in his Zombie Army 4 preview, writing that "Rebellion has learned to embrace the silliness it’s been experimenting with since the first Zombie Army add-on in 2013. Even more, the studio is learning to embrace the melting pot nature of horror and sci-fi and all those weird VHS tapes you saw in that corner of the video store as a kid."

Zombie Army 4 is due out on February 4.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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