How and when to watch the Xbox and Bethesda livestream today

Redfall key art - a vampire reaches out while laying in the ground pinned by one of four young protagonists carrying weapons
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It's a new year for Xbox and Bethesda, now forever joined in marketing matrimony, which means another livestream showcase with updates on upcoming or ongoing games. Importantly, because I can hear the fierce Googling of it across the globe: Starfield is not going to be at this showcase. Bethesda is planning a Starfield-only show, though a date for that hasn't yet been announced.

At today's showcase we'll be hearing about The Elder Scrolls Online, Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends, and Redfall.

How to watch the Xbox and Bethesda showcase 

The Xbox and Bethesda livestream begins on Wednesday, January 25 at noon Pacific on Twitch and YouTube. Here's how that breaks down in other time zones: 

  • 12 pm PST
  • 3 pm EST
  • 8 pm GMT
  • 9 pm CET
  • 6 am AEST, January 26

Unless Microsoft has some surprises up its sleeves, it has pretty well laid out what we can expect to see during the show. The Elder Scrolls Online will be unveiling its next chapter (read: expansion), along with news on which explorable areas of Tamriel the expansion will be adding. Turn 10 Studios will show up with a look at new Forza Motorsport gameplay. Mojang and Blackbird Interactive are bringing out some additional details about PvP in their Minecraft strategy game spinoff. We'll be seeing more of Redfall from Arkane Austin as well, including "combat, customization, bosses, the open world, and more," Microsoft says.

And seriously, no Starfield. Microsoft has said that it's planning that standalone show "to dedicate the proper amount of time for a deep dive" on the next big Bethesda RPG. We can expect more gameplay, space guns, and Todd Howard on a to-be-announced future date.

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