UK World of Warplanes giveaway: win a Logitech headset, keyboard, mouse and Warplanes schwag

Are the cracks in your keyboards full of bits? Are the feet of your mouse worn down to useless, scratchy nubs? Does your headset sound crackly and weird? Well you're the perfect candidate to enter this week's World of Warplanes competition.

We're giving away a Logitech G510s gaming keyboard , a G230 headset/mic combo , a G400s optical gaming mouse and some World of Warplanes gear, including a big metal mouse mat, flight goggles and a flying hat for you to wear together at home when no-one's looking. Those come in a rugged World of Warplanes satchel, which is probably worth something too. Look up and you'll see all of them pictured, wrapped in Christmas tinsel to remind us all of what Christmas is really all about - shooting people down in sweet virtual planes! Read on to find out how to enter.

To enter answer the following question in the comments below. One winner will be chosen on Monday.

Manfred von Richthofen earned one of the most famous nicknames of all time when folk started calling him The Red Baron. Your task is to coin your own legendary nickname and come up with a flying motto of less than 20 words , a bit of sage advice you'd tell young flyboys about surviving the vicious skies. Also note, this one's open to UK readers only. If you don't win this time, fret not, we'll be giving away more Logitech and World of Warplanes goodies soon. Good luck!

Update: If you're struggling to log in and leave a comment here, you can also leave your entry in the comments of the Facebook competition post or email your suggestion to me at with "World of Warplanes competition" as the subject line.

Update the second: The competition has been judged! We had loads of entries here, on Facebook, and submitted via email. Some were poetic, like Ben's suggestion of The Nutcracker - "Fear not the loss of your masculinity, for what is an aerial battle but dancers, pirouetting amid deadly lead streams." Others had top puns, like Tony The Hawk Pro Pilot, whose motto was "Does my gun look Biggles in this?" The funniest name, via Facebook, was the Archbishop of Bantebury (motto: "its just banter fritz") All excellent stuff, but the winner must be the top comment below, for being a good unified joke, and for being both funny and sad at the same time. Pilot: Tragic Joe, motto: "I'll be home in time for Chris-" Grats RobCoxxy, I'll drop you a PM through the forum system. If do you don't pick that up, email me at and we'll arrange for postage of all these goodies.

Thanks for entering everyone! We'll have another Warplanes giveaway up shortly.

Tom Senior

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