Where to get an Obsidian Gemstone in WoW Dragonflight

WoW Obsidian Gemstone - a hunter is standing next to Archivist Edress at the Obsidian Throne
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If you're looking for an Obsidian Gemstone in WoW Dragonflight, then you've likely picked up the Warmth and Comfort quest in order to raise new dragon hatchlings. Finding the gemstone is one of the first steps in that quest: you get it from an NPC, but it's not obvious where the location of the gemstone is, especially if you've just arrived in the Dragon Isles.

There are a variety of new activities to check out now that the WoW 10.1.5 update has arrived. The new Time Rifts allow you to earn currency for cosmetics, and you can get a free flying mount as part of the improvements made to learning the Riding Skill. If you're a warlock, you can now customize your pets at the barber shop too.

In this guide, I'll explain where to get the WoW Obsidian Gemstone, and how to access the NPC if you haven't unlocked the Obsidian Citadel.

WoW Obsidian Gemstone: Where to find this quest item 

When you pick up the Warmth and Comfort quest from Valdrakken, you're tasked with finding supplies for the hatchling's nest. Two of the three items on the list are fairly straightforward to find, but the Obsidian Gemstone can be tricky, especially if you're trying to get it on a character that hasn't unlocked the Obsidian Citadel in The Waking Shores.

The NPC you're looking for is called Archivist Edress and they're found close to where you make the choice between Wrathion and Sabellian. If you've not unlocked this part of the area though, you're going to run into difficulty as none of the NPCs will be there. If this happens, talk to Kalendormu, the large bronze dragon that you find there instead. He'll give you the option of skipping ahead and unlocking the Obsidian Citadel, which will make Archivist Edress appear.

You can find Archivist Edress just to the right of where Kalendormu was standing. Talk to them to get the Obsidian Gemstone and be one step closer to building a nest for your whelpling.

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