World of Tanks announces bonus XP and discounted tanks for Memorial Day sale

It's Memorial Day weekend here in the US (and Spring Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, although that's slightly less relevant to this story), and to celebrate, Wargaming set up World of Tanks players with one heavily armored sale .

From now until early Tuesday morning, tankers can collect triple experience points off the first win of the day and discounts on garage slots and premium tanks. Don't forget that World of Tanks recently received a gigantic content update , so if you've been away from the wheel for a while, this might be a good excuse to climb back in.

“This weekend, as we honor the sacrifices of our service men and women on Memorial Day, is the last of our Military Appreciation Month events,” writes Wargaming. “We've saved some of the best for last.”

The discounted tanks include American (naturally) tanks like the M3 Stuart, M4 Sherman, and T14. Check out the World of Tanks site for a full rundown of the perks and discounts up for grabs.