With $500 I would revamp my entire gaming setup with these Black Friday deals

Black Friday Deals
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Acer Predator XB271HU | 27-inch | 1440p | IPS | 165Hz (OC) | $469.99 (opens in new tab)

Acer Predator XB271HU | 27-inch | 1440p | IPS | 165Hz (OC) | $469.99 $279.99 at Amazon (save $190) (opens in new tab)
First off, I know this is an old monitor now, having launched in 2017, but it's still an outstanding full G-Sync IPS gaming monitor. When it launched it was one of the best screens around and still delivers a great gaming experience and will for years to come.

Noblechairs Epic (opens in new tab)

Noblechairs Epic (black and copper) | 4D armrests | PU leather | $499 $199 at Noblechairs (save $300) (opens in new tab)
Noblechairs has a handful of key designs for its gaming chairs: the Epic, the Hero, and the Icon. Our favorite is probably the Hero, but we've rested our rears on all three, and they're all very close to one another in terms of comfort and style. It's hard to pass up the Epic at this price, anyways, and it looks lovely in black and copper.

Congratulations! You got some cash to spend on Black Friday PC gaming deals (opens in new tab). I won't ask how you acquired $500; I'm no narc. I'm just glad you can finally treat yourself to something nice. Now, with all the Black Friday deals floating around, you might have trouble deciding what to buy today. This sort of decision paralysis is entirely normal. That's why I'm here to help you decide what to spend your money on if it were my hard-earned cash. 

You could go one of two routes here; a few big or many little purchases. I'll cover both options. The obvious choice would be spending it all on a TV. And if you desperately need one, that's fine. Though the issue is you won't get a TV with a high enough refresh rate to take advantage of your fancy GPU. I would get myself a nice-sized 1440p monitor and a gaming chair. 

A 1440p monitor, not 4K, you ask? Many of us at PC Gamer feel strongly that the best resolution for gaming remains at 1440p (opens in new tab). At least on this sort of budget. While a bit old, this 27-inch Razer Predator XB27 monitor is still one of the best 1440p monitors. It's got a 165Hz refresh rate, excellent color and is selling for the lowest price it's ever been this year at $279 (opens in new tab), about $80 off its new price.

Let's face it. We all spend way too much time sitting. A quality gaming chair is exactly what you need to ensure you're taking care of your butt, neck, and spine. Especially if you spend all day working and all night gaming in the same chair. A good chair is like any other piece of nice furniture in that it's not cheap. 

That's why this Black Friday deal for a Noblechairs Epic Copper Limited Edition gaming chair for $199 (opens in new tab) is so good. This chair usually sells for around $400-500, depending on the retailer. While it lacks some of the fun gamer flashiness of most gaming chairs, it still provides a very well-built and well-designed chair that gives you all the support you want for day-to-day usage. 

Razer Viper Ultimate| Wireless | 20,000 DPI |8 buttons | RGB lighting | 74g | (opens in new tab)

Razer Viper Ultimate| Wireless | 20,000 DPI |8 buttons | RGB lighting | 74g | $149.99 $74.99 at Amazon (save $75) (opens in new tab)
The Razer Viper Ultimate is a speedy little rodent that isn't just lightweight but has an impressive battery life of about 70 hours. On top of that, it has its own discreet charging dock, which is neat. 

$229.99 (opens in new tab)

Logitech G915 Lightspeed SE | Tenkeyless | Wireless| Mechanical GL Tactile Switch | $229.99 $159.99 at Best Buy (save $70)
(opens in new tab)Logitech makes one of the best wireless keyboards out there. However, it becomes tough to recommend at its regular price. Though for less than $200, it makes it pretty hard to pass up. At home, I use the white model of this keyboard, and I can't imagine using anything else.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro | 50mm Tri-Force | 12 - 28,000Hz | Closed-back | $179.99 (opens in new tab)

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro | 50mm Tri-Force | 12 - 28,000Hz | Closed-back | $179.99 $99.99 at Amazon (save $80) (opens in new tab)
I'm writing this copy listening to War on Drugs through these exact cans, and they are absolutely my go-to gaming headset. And I have access to a lot of gaming headsets... The multi-chamber driver design gives them supreme clarity, and almost an open back soundstage. And for under $100, they're an outstanding wireless headset in black or white.

Let's say you're happy with your current monitor and seat setup; take this opportunity to upgrade how you play your PC games. For $500, here is the keyboard and gaming headset I'd pick up, as well as some other accessories. 

I've slowly embraced the wireless lifestyle since setting up my home office. Nothing gives me more anxiety than seeing a rat's nest of cables in the corner of my eye. The Razer Viper Ultimate is the first thing I'd buy, which is currently half-off for $75 (opens in new tab). It has a 75-hour battery life, a speedy 20k DPI sensor, and a small charging dock. It's also pretty lightweight and isn't overly flashy.

Quadcast S

(Image credit: hyperx)

The Logitech G915 Lightspeed SE is the best wireless keyboard out there. It's currently on sale for $159; (opens in new tab) while expensive, I can't picture myself using any other keyboard for work or play. It comes in white or black, too.   

Keeping with the wireless theme, the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro wireless for $99 (opens in new tab) is an absolute steal of a Black Friday deal. It's number two on our best wireless headset page, and for a good reason. Its sound quality is the best, thanks to its 50mm TriForce drivers. At this price, you won't find a better headset. Trust me, I've checked. 

Xbox Wireless Controller | Red or Black | Wireless | $59.99 (opens in new tab)

Xbox Wireless Controller | Red or Black | Wireless | $59.99 $39 at Best Buy (save $22.55) (opens in new tab)
If you prefer the offset sticks of Xbox, you'll want to look to Microsoft's design controller for your Black Friday purchase. It's actually Best Buy that has the best Xbox controller deal we can find on the official model and Red so far, and there are a few fun colors to choose from.

Elgato FaceCam (opens in new tab)

Elgato Facecam| 1080p60 | DSLR Style Control | $169.99 $139.99 at Amazon (save $30) (opens in new tab)
Our favourite webcam, especially when it comes to streaming, is always easy to recommend but especially so when it's on sale. If you're not wanting to step up to a full DLSR setup, then this is a great choice to enhance the quality of your stream.

$159.99 (opens in new tab)

HyperX QuadCast S |Black, Silver, White | $159.99 $119.99 at Amazon (save $40) (opens in new tab)
A great microphone if you're looking to spice up your stream a bit. I'm obsessed with the RGB on Quadcast S, and its hypnotic shifting colors.  

For your last $250-$275, that's pretty easy. Pick up a spare Xbox Wireless controller for $40 (opens in new tab) in a fun color. This is also an excellent time to upgrade your webcam and microphone. The Logitech StreamCam (opens in new tab) for $99 (opens in new tab) is a good choice if you're a content creator or just happen to do a lot of video calls. As far as mics go, the HyperX Quadcast S (opens in new tab) for $119 (opens in new tab) is one of my faves because it's a great mic and looks like a lava lamp. 

Oh, and obviously, with the last bit of cash left over, I'd go for this variety box of 60 Pop-tarts for $20 (opens in new tab). That's just me; feel free to substitute this with a box of breakfast pastries of your choosing.

And just like that, here's how I'd spend $500 in Black Friday cash to upgrade your gaming ecosystem. See? No more agonizing over what to buy. You're welcome. 

Jorge Jimenez
Hardware writer, Human Pop-Tart

Jorge is a hardware writer from the enchanted lands of New Jersey. When he's not filling the office with the smell of Pop-Tarts, he's reviewing all sorts of gaming hardware from laptops with the latest mobile GPUs to gaming chairs with built-in back massagers. He's been covering games and tech for nearly ten years and has written for Dualshockers, WCCFtech, and Tom's Guide.