What did you play last week?

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Malindy Hetfeld played Neo Cab, the game of dystopian taxicab confessions. In Cyberpunk 2020 there's a taxi company named Combat Cabb, whose drivers are the only ones brave enough to take people through Night City's Combat Zone, but Neo Cab seems like a much more chill and relaxed take on the idea, and one which I can't wait to try for myself.

Tom Senior has been watching round after round of Salty Bet, and would like to remind us that the game of betting on randomized fighting championships is as awesome as ever. The last time I looked at it an open-shirted cop from SNK's Savage Reign was fighting Lisa Simpson and she was not doing well.

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We may not have Golf Story on PC but at least we have What the Golf?, which Christopher Livingston has been playing. Its vaguely golf-themed minigames go into some pretty strange places, including levels based on Portal, Guitar Hero, and Metal Gear Solid.

Andy Kelly played a preview of Microsoft Flight Simulator and thoroughly enjoyed flying over its gigantic world. Kelly is our foremost Euro Truck Simulator 2 enjoyer (although everyone likes it, of course), and so his opinions on games where you travel long distances in big vehicles are to be trusted. 

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I've been playing Magic: The Gathering Arena, which is the first digital version of Magic to live up to its potential since 1997's Shandalar. While playing the beta I was impressed with its handling of basics like a nice UI, but now that it's properly out I've been impressed by how much fun it is to play competitively thanks to the depth of its card combos. It's the one card game where I'm really tempted to devote unhealthy time to climbing the ranks even though I know I should be finishing Control and Untitled Goose Game instead.

Enough about us. How about you? Have you been playing Destiny 2: Shadowkeep or Ghost: Recon Breakpoint? Giving Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare a go now that it's out of Early Access? Let us know!

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