What did you play last week?

Joe Donnelly has been at it again in GTA 5's roleplay servers, this time starting a cult by inventing a fictitious whale creature named Noosie then charging people money to see it. This one's worth it for the video where Joe gets his sudden but inevitable comeuppance.

Today's Super Bowl was simulated by Chris Livingston in Super Slam Dunk Touchdown, a game whose cartoon athletes and goal close-ups is giving me flashbacks to Basketball Nightmare on the Sega Master System. Only that was a game about basketball with Halloween monsters, and this is a game about football with nonsense.

Joanna Nelius has played the latest episode of Life is Strange 2 and is no fan of its minigame, or of the way minigames intrude on narrative-heavy adventure games in general. I agree—excepting the ones from Sam & Max Hit the Road like Highway Surfing and Whak-A-Rat of course.

What with The Division 2 coming out in March, now is apparently the time to check out the previous Division. Samuel Roberts dived in and has been surprised at how many players, particularly lower-level ones, are still shooting looters in this particular shared-world looter shooter.

Although Kingdom Hearts 3 is obviously not on PC, James Davenport did his best to recreate it thanks to mods in various games. While it's obvious games like Skyrim and The Sims would have Kingdom Hearts mods, finding out there was one for Call of Duty: World at War surprised me.

Fraser Brown's been playing Civilization 6, specifically the upcoming Gathering Storm expansion. This is the one that adds stuff like climate change, natural disasters, a bunch of new civilizations like the Maori, Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire. I've put off playing Civ 6 until after a bunch of DLC has come out, maybe I'll finally give it a go?

I've been playing through the Isle of Madness add-on for The Elder Scrolls: Legends as well as trying to finish Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus. It's an atmospheric turn-based tactics game about cyborg priests fighting robot skeletons, which I've gone back to after a few patches tweaked the difficulty. Now I need to hurry up and finish before I start playing Wargroove, a turn-based game with a very different aesthetic. Having the two on the go at once would be chalk and cheese, only puppies instead of chalk and biomechanical horror instead of cheese.

What about you, readers? Have you tried out the Anthem demo, or given My Time at Portia a shot now it's out of Early Access? Have you started leading an army of battlepups in Wargroove, or exploring the unknown in Sunless Skies? Let us know in the comments below.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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