Watch the Nvidia CES 2024 livestream right here: It's about to get Super interesting

Nvidia is going after AMD with its own CES 2024 event, but at least it's not wrapping the entire thing up in a cloak of AI-ness. Instead, it's calling this a "Special Address" in which we are being told it will "focus on consumer technologies and robotics."

So far, so vague. But, let's be honest, Nvidia has not been particularly subtle about what it's going to be announcing at the event with its own social media channels essentially giving the game away.

So yeah, we're expecting new graphics cards in the form of the RTX 40-series Super GPUs launching this month. The rumours suggest we ought to be expecting three new cards, an RTX 4080 Super, an RTX 4070 Ti Super, and an RTX 4070 Super.

And with the "Special Address" kicking off at 8am PT/11am ET and 4pm UK time, it's not going to be long to wait to find out just how accurate all those rumours and leaks actually were.

What else can we expect aside from new graphics cards? Well, that's not been the subject of so many leaks, but you can bet that at some point some Nvidian's going to mention the phrase "artificial intelligence." And I expect they're going to do it a lot.

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