Watch Fortnite's cube blossom into a transdimensional butterfly

Uhhhh. Kevin was a butterfly. The cube started spinning and then I was somewhere else and then a rift turned into a butterfly. We're not sure what happened or what it means, but here's what was in Fortnite's cube all along. Watch for yourself above.

Once everyone was spit out of the butterfly dimension, Loot Lake was changed. This doesn't look like the immediate aftermath of a massive cube explosion. It appears as if time has passed, a lot of it. Take a look at the new Loot Lake below.

Original story: Join us for the end of Fortnitemares, and the very likely end of Kevin, the big purple cube that showed up way back in Season 5. Those were simpler times. Since then, Kevin has rolled all over the map spawning low-gravity zones, strange runes, and more recently, cube monsters. But through it all, we've supported the cube. We've never bounced higher in Fortnite, and it's all thanks to Kevin.

But our cube friend might soon face their ultimate demise during a one-time live in-game event set for 10 am PT (1 pm PT) on this very day. Join us on the PC Gamer Twitch channel to say goodbye live. We'll be going live about 15 minutes prior to the event, so hop into chat and bring some cube memories with you. Dress code is business casual. 

If you're totally lost, just know that everything going down today is pointing towards Fortnite Season 7, and I've packaged up a nice timeline of cube events along with some speculation to catch you right up. 

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