VVVVVV creator's new game is a Roblox 'obby' about climbing a giant man

Climb the GIant Man in Roblox
(Image credit: Terry Cavanagh | Roblox Corp)

Terry Cavanagh, the creator of indie classics like VVVVVV and Super Hexagon, just released a new game—but you’ll need to sign-up for Roblox to play it. Climb the Giant Man is an ‘obby’ (basically a platformer obstacle course that’s easy for newcomers to make within Roblox) created in three months by the Irish developer, who has tweeted about his progress since early March. 

As the name implies, the object of Climb the Giant Man is to climb the giant man, who really is very giant. Along the way there’s a spread of platforming gauntlets in a format that will be entirely familiar to anyone who spends a lot of time with Roblox. That said, players can also take a break from climbing to hang out in bath tubs and do a spot of disco dancing. There’s even driving. Originality isn’t really the aim, as the game is just the result of Cavanagh experimenting with the Roblox toolset.

“I didn’t expect how much I was going to love working in Roblox Studio,” Cavanagh writes of what was initially meant to be a week-long side project. “I’ve been working on this on-and-off for about three months, which makes it one of my biggest freeware projects ever.” He also adds that it probably won’t be his last Roblox game.

While it’s not as ubiquitous and attention-grabbing as Fortnite, Roblox is enormously popular, mostly with kids. When Roblox Corporation went public in March it was toe-to-toe with EA. Lil Nas X hosted a concert in Roblox that was viewed more than 30 million times. Oh, and have you played Adopt Me!, a game playable in Roblox? It can sometimes attract more than 600,000 concurrent players. 

If you want to try out Climb the Man for yourself inside Roblox, head over here

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