Vermintide 2 drops head-lopping gameplay trailer

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is due next week and has big plans. It aims to fix its forerunners loot system, it's getting Overwatch-style supers, and it will embrace official mod support.  

This week, James, Wes and Steven struggled a bit with its difficulty, however praised its tense and dramatic savagery. Its latest trailer showcases the latter in spades:

If any of that tickled your fancy, Tom's cover feature makes for essential reading. This extract about Chaos Spawn, combat, and smashing multiple baddies in one fell swoop is exciting:

The Chaos Spawn is one of Vermintide 2’s new bosses. It towers over the Rat Ogre—previously the biggest special enemy—and is just one of the terrors the new Chaos faction brings to the series. The sequel stays true to the first game’s take on the Left 4 Dead format: you play as one of a team of four heroes fighting through gauntlets populated by hordes mustered by an AI director. The first game surprised us with its satisfying first-person melee combat, cool loot and a good understanding of what makes the Warhammer fantasy world grim and hilarious. 

The sequel is building on that with more environments, enemies, class options and a revamped loot system. However, the first thing I notice is how good the weapons feel. The bounty hunter Victor sends enemies flying with his warhammer, and you can smash half a dozen bodies with one power swing if you hold down left-click for a few seconds. The elf’s spear lashes out spitefully at greater speed and does bonus damage when you poke an enemy in the back. 

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is due one week from today on March 8. If pre-orders are your thing, a pre-launch beta runs now through release. More information on that can be found here