Vermintide 2 devs reveal Bardin's getting a new career, Victor a new gun

As part of the recent five-year anniversary event in Vermintide 2, the Fatshark development team spoke about what's coming up for the co-op hack-and-slasher during a Twitch livestream. Fatshark CEO Martin Wahlund and narrative director Mårten Stormdal discussed the forthcoming Chaos Wastes expansion as well as mentioning the next premium career they're adding will be for Bardin the dwarf, and although they say it's coming soon they didn't reveal what the career will be. (Engineer, maybe?)

What they did reveal was that each of the heroes will be getting a new weapon as part of the Chaos Wastes DLC, showing a gun that's coming for the witch hunter, Victor. It's a triple-barreled pistol called a griffonfoot, based on a real historical weapon called the duckfoot. 

Though they couldn't reveal how many maps will be added, Wahlund gave some details on the way the Chaos Wastes campaign will be structured. "If you complete them you can play multiple short levels in a row and it gives specific rewards for that," he said, "and there's also some choices you can make in between. There's also some gameplay twists to challenge people like, in those levels, the way you can find temporary weapons you can use and switch around and also upgrade during these runs, which I think is really cool. It's a new way to play the game."

He went on to add that "mutator-ish" elements will change the maps, which seems apt given the chaotic theme. Finally, Stormdal mentioned the expansion "will have a representation of Chaos gods", using the plural in a way that makes it sound like maybe we'll get to see more than just the followers of the plague god who have been focused on previously—though he cut himself off to finish on a "cliffhanger", noting they'll come back to the topic in future streams.

Earlier this year we spoke to Fatshark about the future of Vermintide 2, as well its versus mode.

Jody Macgregor
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