How to make a stone oven in Valheim

Valheim stone oven
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You can now make a stone oven in Valheim, thanks to the Hearth and Home update. Food has been rebalanced, too, so you'll need to try out different food combinations to see what works best for a given situation. Of course, you don't have to cook at all in the Viking afterlife, but it certainly helps if you hope to survive the dangerous biomes you encounter later on. 

Up until now, we've had to rely on cooking meat over an open fire or adding ingredients to a cauldron, but the latest update introduces a whole new way of bringing home the bread. Here's what we know about the Valheim stone oven, including how to make one and what it's used for.

Valheim stone oven: How to make one 

You'll need to have progressed pretty far if you want to make a stone oven in Valheim. The materials themselves aren't that difficult to come by, but you'll need an artisan table to craft it with, which doesn't become available until you've killed Moder, the Mountain biome boss.

Here's what you need for the stone oven:

  • Iron x15
  • Stone x20
  • Surtling core x4
  • Artisan table

Iron can be gathered from crypts in the Swamps, surtling cores are found in burial chambers in the Black Forest or from killing surtlings in Swamps, and stone can be picked up almost everywhere or mined with a pickaxe.

You'll need 2x Dragon Tears (dropped from Moder) for the artisan table, as well as 10x wood.

How to make bread in Valheim 

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There's quite a bit of work involved if you want to make bread, though if you've killed Moder, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting things up and running.

First, you'll need bread dough, which is made with:

  • Barley flour x10
  • A level 4 cauldron

The barley flour is made by putting Barley (found in the Plains biome) in a Windmill. The cauldron can be upgraded with the butcher's table, the spice rack, and pots and pans.

Once you have the bread dough (you'll get two using the ingredients above), pop it in the stone oven to cook. As with cooking meat on an open fire, you'll need to watch the dough so it doesn't burn. It will make a distinct 'sizzle' sound when the bread is ready.

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How to make lox meat pie 

This process is similar to making bread. You'll need to make an 'unbaked lox pie' with the following ingredients:

  • Cloudberries x2
  • Lox meat x2
  • Barley flour x4
  • A level 4 cauldron

You can find all of these materials in the Plains biome. Cloudberries can be gathered from plants, barley is also found here, and you'll have to take on a lumbering lox if you want to get their meat.

Once you have the unbaked lox pie, pop it in the stone oven and, as before, keep an eye on it to stop the pie from burning up into a lump of coal.

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