How to make an obliterator in Valheim

Valheim obliterator
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The Valheim obliterator is another requested feature to arrive with the Hearth and Home update, and it's been added in the most awesomely Valheim way possible. Iron Gate is already spoiling us with the newly added cartography table, as well as giving us a use for all the crystal we've got stashed away. 

It also means you'll need to make a trip to see the Trader—something you might not have done for a while if you've already bought everything he has to offer. Of course, if you want to discover this stuff for yourself as you play, you should click away now. Otherwise, read on to find out what the Valheim Obliterator does, and how to make one. 

Valheim obliterator: How to make one 

You'll need to collect a few things before you start. Here's the list:

  • Thunder Stone x1
  • Iron x8
  • Copper x4
  • A forge

The Thunder Stone is a new item and it can be bought from the trader for a reasonable 50 coins. Coins can be found in chests, burial chambers, and crypts, and are also dropped by trolls. Iron can be collected from crypts in the Swamp biome and copper is found in the Black Forest.

Once you have all the materials and nearby forge, navigate to the 'crafting' tab of the crafting menu to make it.

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)

How to destroy items with the obliterator 

Once you have the obliterator set up, interact with it to find inventory-like slots where you can deposit your unwanted items. When it's loaded up, pull the lever and you'll see lightning hit the rod and receive the message 'items obliterated'.

It certainly beats throwing unwanted items into the sea or putting up with the untidiness while you wait for items to despawn.

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