How to make a cartography table in Valheim

Valheim cartography table
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The Valheim cartography table is a new item added with the Hearth and Home update. And while it may not sound particularly exciting at first, it adds one of the more significant features we've been asking for since the Viking survival game launched in Early Access in February.

As Valheim is primarily a game about exploration and discovery, you may want to find the additions naturally as you play, especially if you've started over in a new world, as the devs suggest. So if you don't want anything spoiled, click away now. But if you're keen to know more about the Valheim cartography table, including what it does and how to make one, read on. 

Valheim cartography table: What it does 

The cartography table is a new piece of furniture that lets you copy the contents of your map. If you're playing on a Valheim server—or if a friend visits your world, it means you can share map information with each other. 

The map table has two interaction points. The first lets you 'record discoveries' and will transfer the contents of your map—including any markers and text you might have added—to the table. The second option, 'read map,' lets others copy it to their own map.

This is handy for groups that invariably split up to explore, or perhaps can't always be online at the same time. The ability to share markers as well as terrain will also make it much easier to share the locations of potential resource stockpiles or dungeons.

How to make a cartography table in Valheim 

You can make a cartography table with a level 1 workbench. With the hammer selected, the map table is listed under the Misc tab in the crafting menu. 

These are the materials you'll need:

  • Fine wood x10
  • Bone fragments x10
  • Bronze x2
  • Leather scraps x5
  • Raspberries x4

Most of these are pretty easy to find. You'll get fine wood by chopping down birch and oak trees with a bronze axe (or better). Bone fragments are dropped by skeletons which can be found in abundance inside burial chambers in the Black Forest. Bronze is made by combining 2x copper and 1x tin at a forge, and you shouldn't have a problem finding leather scraps and raspberries—the leather is dropped by boars and raspberries grow in the Meadows.

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